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Eagle Pilot Cars

Eagle Pilot Cars is striving to be the most satisfying service company in the specialized hauling industry.

Here at Eagle Pilot cars transportation services we pride our-self on friendly, helpful customer service. Our General Manager was a long haul trucker for many years and upon retirement decided to use his knowledge, expertise and contact with agencies to give extraordinary service to the trucking industry.

Specializing in over size, and over weight, (heavy haul). Our extensive knowledge of trucks necessary to move these loads throughout the US we can help you get your loads to their destination safely, on time and with no hassle.

Remember wasted time is wasted money

Whatever happened to Doc. Holiday or Captain Kangaroo and all of those good old-fashioned restaurants, coffee shops or gas stations? You remember those places don’t you...the ones that used to be on just about block in the city and all along the highways. The places where you could stop and get a good bite to eat, or  take the family car to have it fixed whenever something was broken or not working just right.

Remember that place where they always had a smile on their face and always seemed to be so glad to see you coming. What happened to that kind of a business-people.

What happened to the good old-fashioned way of doing business? Progress is what happened, franchises, strings of fast foods and repair shops owned by a group of investors from who knows where, started popping up everywhere, and people forgot how nice it was to do business on a personal level with a man who's reputation and his word were all that he had. 

Well, one of those "old fashioned" businesses still exists right here at Eagle Pilot Cars.  We share the same type of old fashioned vision as that man who unlocked the doors each morning to his business all those years ago. A vision of friendly, honest, service and a desire to help people when they are in need of a pilot car, lead or chase, height pole service, or a route survey. We pledge to do our best for you

Those people connected with Eagle Pilot Cars still have that same familiar smile...that same friendly customer service attitude...along with not only certified, but also qualified  operators, whatever your needs may be, pilot car, height pole or a route survey, Eagle Pilot Cars is your answer..

We are the people who respect our customers and work hard to provide you with the best service available. Honest, professional, experienced operators with integrity and a down deep desire to treat people right.  We are here when you need us.

Professional equipment and professional training with the experience that will ensure, that you and your oversize loads will make it to your destination safely and on time. This is not your average "run of the mill" pilot car business. This is EAGLE PILOT CARS.

Try us for yourself, safety first and faster trips will not only save you money, but can also increase your business. I guarantee you that we will become your preferred pilot car company.

Try us once and you will be back. You have our personal guarantee that we will perform to the best of our ability for you each and every time. You have our word on that. Our customers become our friend...

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Eagle Pilot Cars

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