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Pilots/Escort Operators

As a provider of quality Escort/Pilot Car services, we at Eagle Pilot Cars are continually accepting applications for Escort/Pilot Drivers.  We provide companies safe, efficient and highly skilled escorts for our partners in the transportation industry.

If you feel you qualify please complete the NEW ESCORT/PILOT CAR application below and submit it and a representative will contact you when we have something available.

If you have considered becoming an Escort please feel free to complete the application and submit it as well. A Eagle representative will be happy to contact you to answer any questions you may have. Eagle Pilot Cars can help you obtain the proper credentials, training and equipment to become one of the best Escort drivers in the industry.


Ever wonder what you would need to run an Escort/Pilot Car in Well (here) is a list we have compiled from across the US. Check it out, and see where you stand.



















Escorts Name: 






        Home Phone:   


         Office Phone:  



                                          Certifications & Credentials: List All that Apply:






   How Much Auto Liability Insurance do you carry:  

   How Much General Liability do you carry:  

   As an escort driver How Many Years of experience do you have 

   Do You have Camera Recorder  Yes or No:     

    What Type of GPS:

  Do you have High Pole Experience and capability: If yes  how many years:

   Do you have Route Survey Experience:   

   Have you Called Eagle Pilot Cars YES or NO  


   Who did you Speak to:


 Do we have on file IF Not YOU MUST E-Mail IT TO US


   Auto Insurance on file?   YES    NO

   Drivers Licenses             YES    NO

   G L Insurance on file?    YES     NO

   1099 on file ?                          YES    NO