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Dear New Customer:

Your company and drivers have distances to travel, many places to go, and getting there is becoming more complicated every day.  Eagle is here to help.  Oversize Loads:  Over Length,  Over Width, Over Height or Over Weight, Eagle does it right.

Pilot Car Services:

We dispatch properly equipped, certified and $1,000,000.00 insured pilot car drivers.

Route Surveys: The best is here at Eagle

Accurate and reliable route surveys ensure your drivers and loads arrive safely. See our Route Survey Page

Compliance Consulting:

Ensure your fleet is within regulation to reduce costly fines and delays.

Eagle is here to get you and your business where you need to go, safely and as quick as possible. Please feel free to contact us anytime at (903) 593-5757 or E-Mail to RS@eaglepilotcars.com.

Check out our services online at www.eaglepilotcars.com

Thank you for choosing Eagle Pilot Cars, our pledge is safety, on-time - and to have satisfied customers


The Staff at Eagle Pilot cars