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Route Survey

Performing a route survey can be a complicated task that requires a keen attention to details. One misstep can make all the difference in your route survey, and for Eagle Pilot Cars, even one mistake is unacceptable. Call Eagle for your route survey, We drive it, measure it, and photo it, on every route inspection that we do. We take out the guess work and do it right, Safety first always.  It will save our customers a lot of money in the long run.

At their core, route surveys are all about safety. Eagle takes each route survey seriously, because we understand that a quality route survey can mean damage prevention and keep insurance rates for trucks and truck drivers lower. Protecting others and your load is a top concern when we are performing a route survey.

For a road estimation that is both professional and accurate, Eagle is the company to pick. Our years of doing business have taught us a lot about path assessment, and we take great care when assessing overpass and bridge clearances, along with potential weight and dimensional restrictions. While it can be a lot of work, it is valuable to ensuring the safety of your move, and we are happy to do it.

Eagle also provides road evaluation services when we provide a route survey, because we know that some roads are safer or easier to drive on than others. Our trained professionals prioritize safety and efficiency when performing these evaluations to make your escort as smooth as possible. We also factor in timeliness when surveying routes, as we know that this can be a major factor in choosing an escort service. We always provide detailed, accurate, and safe route surveys for our clients.

If you’re planning a move with an oversize load, consult us to get your safe and affordable route survey!